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What is Beauty of a Woman?

What is Beauty of a Woman?

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Have you ever asked yourself, “What is beauty?” My answer is that every woman is beautiful. No matter what you look like you’re beautiful. But many women think they’re not because of their understanding of what beauty is.

There’s a beauty you must have for the world to say you’re really beautiful. You don’t have to run after guys. Or allow any man to abuse you or treat you like you’re useless. There are different types of beauties you can posses to make you a beautiful woman. This beauty I’m writing about is totally different from what many writers have written about. It’s not about being physically beautiful.

The following beauty tips I’ve listed below will give you a new understanding about what beauty really means. 

Hidden Beauty

Every woman has hidden beauty in them but many fail to realize it. Only those that see it will make good use of it. The best of you is already in you. Unless you realize it you won’t be the best. You are a perfect beauty. It’s already within you but you need to invest more of your time developing it, instead of focusing on your outward appearance. You can be more beautiful than you are already. That’s if you realize the hidden beauty in you.

You’re more attractive than any model who walks down the catwalk. Some women identify that and the world respects them. Your hidden beauty may be your inward talent or gift. You just need to realize it.


Superficial Beauty

This is the outward beauty that almost every woman has. It’s the most common one in most women. It’s of little importance to people who understands what real beauty truly means. Superficial beauty is like a house with good paint work. That is the outward appearance. Having this means little or nothing if you don’t have hidden beauty.

A house with good paint on the outside may not have good interior decoration. There are many women with superficial beauty. They force people to love them because they’re lacking. Don’t misquote me if you have this. You’re wonderful and I appreciate it. But that alone is not enough.


Beauty of Intellect, Diligence, Industrious and Mentality

I love this. This is one of the best beauties a woman can have. No one wants to relate or live with a liability. As a woman you must have this. The world today is ruled and run by a higher percentage of women than men. Diligence is about smartness, wisdom and understanding when it comes to being industrious as women.

A lot of women today are lazy. It’s not supposed to be so. With this quality, you’ll be the talk of everyone. They’ll respect you for being an industrious and diligent woman.


Beauty of Morality

Show me a woman without morals and I will show a woman without beauty. Morality is one of the best beauty every woman must have. If you lack this, you’re not beautiful. Without moral, men will not respect you. Nor will they want to have a meaningful relationship with you.


Beauty of Contentment

Contentment is the acknowledgement and the satisfaction of reaching capacity. To be satisfied or quietly happy. If you don’t have this beauty you’re just deceiving yourself. And you can be likened to something ugly.

Contentment is the best beauty a woman can ever have. A woman with this is satisfied with who they are and with what they have. Every man wants a woman that has this in them.


Beauty of Humility

You can’t be beautiful without this beauty. Don’t be like those superficial women. They’re proud and lack self control. To be like one of the most beautiful women in the world you must be humble.

A characteristics that makes you boring and unacceptable is too much pride. Pride can never make you beautiful or change your status. Men love and adore women that has humility.


Beauty of Adornment 

An adornment is generally a beautifying accessory. Or  an ornament worn to enhance the beauty of people wearing it. A popular English quote says, ‘Dress the way you want to be addressed‘.

Some women that claim they’re beautiful is lacking in this. You should dress in a way that people will see you as a decent and praiseworthy woman. Think about what you wear. If you dress inappropriately you could attract men that will molest and abuse you.

Wear adornments that fits you or make you more beautiful. If you’re not good in this department, learn how to wear accessories and garments that will complement your looks. Don’t wear things that doesn’t beautify or fits your image. Instead wear clothes or makeup that will attract the right people towards you and enhance your attractiveness.


Beauty of Femininity 

According to Wikipedia ‘femininity’ is a set of attributes, behaviours and roles generally associated with girls and women. You may be thinking that because you’re born a woman this beauty is present in you. You may agree or disagree with what I will say. The beauty of femininity is what makes you a woman.

Most girls or women are living and doing things like men. Imagine seeing a woman on the street fighting like she’s mad? Even reasonable men don’t fight on the streets. You should be feminine. Show the world you’re truly a woman. Don’t live like men. You’re a woman and you’re beautiful. Stop using aggressive looks to intimidate people to make them fear you.

The best look a woman can put on is her smile. Your smile is part of the beauty of femininity. Don’t fight others around you. Women are supposed to be peaceful. Don’t act like a man. 


Beauty of Maturity

Maturity is not determined by age. But it’s determined by your experiences and how you handle things. In psychology, maturity is the ability to respond to the environment in the proper way. Most women don’t have this beauty in them. Ladies who are not mature will disappoint you when you least expect them to. It’s like a woman over thirty behaving like a girl of fifteen.

Guys don’t relate to immature ladies unless they want to use them. If you don’t have this beauty and you possess the other beauties, you’re not beautiful. Maturity will give you an edge. You’ll have the ability to respond to the environment or in any situation you may find yourself.


Beauty of Status

Status is the honor or prestige attached to someone in society. The position of a person with regards to his legal rights. Status is your social rank. I would like to say something very funny here. As a woman you become more beautiful when you have status.

The status I’m talking about is not based on popularity alone. But, it’s rather the picture of yourself that people see. You may not be popular but people will admire you because of your status. Most women don’t have this because they don’t realize what status is.

A lot of women think they’re inferior to men. No, I don’t agree with that. Put that thought away and stop thinking like that. Show the world you’re a woman of status and they’ll respect you. This is how you should be as a woman. Otherwise you’ll keep running after people and they’ll keep running away from you. If you have status everyone will want to spend quality time with you.


Beauty of Marriage

You may ask yourself do I need this as a woman? I cannot allow any man to control me or to tell me what to do. But I’ll strongly recommend to you that your beauty isn’t complete when you don’t have this. No matter how gorgeous or popular you are, without this beauty of marriage that’s a weakness to you.

When you see celebrities that are happily married, they’ll be respected even if the woman is bad. But people will have different opinions about a woman who doesn’t have the beauty of marriage. They may conclude that she’s not wife material.


Beauty of Virginity

In the world today this beauty has little or no value among the youths. But your virginity before marriage is a beauty. That fact is according to research. 65% of men prefer virgins compared to 35% who prefer women without their virginity. Virginity is a key ingredient for a happy marriage.

From time past virginity has been prized as a woman’s perfect possession. Though times are changing. That’s because of the high increase in the number of young men and women having sex. Sex is now seen as fun for them. If you’re still a virgin keep it for the man you want to marry. But if you’ve already lost it that’s not a problem. It’s not too late to start living your life as a virgin again. Just make up your mind to wait for the man you want to marry before you have another sexual experience. To many this may sound untrue. But I’d like you to know that it’s also part of the beauty of every woman.

This is a guest post. Pas Paul Faith is a freelance writer from Nigeria. He approaches what he writes in a distinct way. There is a reward for taking your time to read this article and the reward is worthy of your effort. So make a start and take control of yourself as a woman. You’re the most beautiful woman if you have all the beauty listed above. I wish to you hear some comments from you.

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About Pas Paul Faith

I am Pastor Paul Faith Ogunkunle, popularly known as “Pas Paul Faith” . I am Me, I am Unique. I believe in myself and follow my heart because that is where success lies. Am passionate about my feelings and thoughts. Everything I do is authentically mine, because I alone chose it.
I adore Honesty, Focus, Passion, Respect, Confidence, Courage, Compassion, Care, Action, Integrity, Humility, Genuineness, Self Awareness and Godliness because by so doing, am able to love myself, to love people around me and God. I dislike imitation and competition with others and hate people that do it, because am UNIQUE I am me, and I am Okay.


  1. It goes to show that there is so much more to beauty than wearing tons of make up and dressing a certain way. Beauty is just as much in the way you act and think as it is in how you look.

    Women should seek beauty from within themselves. But, it’s very difficult when media and family/friends tell you other wise.

    Thanks for the reminder.
    Jennifer Kennedy recently posted..What MC Hammer Can Teach Us about Creating Online CoursesMy Profile

    Jennifer Kennedy


    • Thanks for reading and commenting Jennifer. You are on point women are not beautiful because of cloth they put on but they are more beautiful through their good character.
      Pas Paul Faith recently posted..HOW TO REALIZE YOUR DESTINYMy Profile

      Pas Paul Faith


  2. I am so surprised June to read that this was written by a man! Hey Pas, great post and thank you for recognizing that woman are more then just their looks.

    I was never one to care what the tabloids said or compare myself to some super model. I knew that would never be me so I accepted myself at an early age. I never dressed the part nor had the latest styles. My personality is what made me stand out more then anything. I know we all have our inner beauty and once we accept ourselves for who we are that’s when life truly begins for us all.

    Thank you for sharing this with us Pas and I appreciate your view.

    Adrienne recently posted..Why You Are Your BrandMy Profile



    • Thank you Adrienne. I love your comment. Most women doesn’t know beauty lies within and outside. You are on point. Life has not begun unless a woman believes in herself and know that she is beautiful.

      Pas Paul Faith



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