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Don’t Take Them for Granted

“Cow nebba know de use of im tail til it chap off”

Quite often we only miss things or people when they are no longer with us.

A lot of times we take our parents, children, partners or friends for granted. We just presume that they will always be there, even though we know that death is guaranteed and separation is sometimes unavoidable.

How many times do we say something nasty or do something bad to someone we love? We get angry, sulk or maybe stop talking to that person for whatever reason. Why? Because we always think that tomorrow we will apologise or make up with them. The sad thing is, sometimes tomorrow might be too late.

Taking others for granted could be something as simple as not spending enough time with them. I remember when my gran moved from London to live in Birmingham, I used to visit her very often. After a while though, because of work commitments and other things, the visits became less and less. Eventually she became ill with dementia. It didn’t take long for her to lose her memory. She was  so confused that she didn’t even know who I was. That was sad because I was her first and favourite granddaughter.

My gran died soon after she became ill. She never regained her memory and I wasn’t able to tell her sorry for not being there for her.

I felt extremely guilty and the “if only I had….” questions went round and around in my head. I had taken her life for granted and presumed that she will always be there. I loved her and missed her so much, but it was too late. She was gone forever!

Every time I hear of a teenager being shot or stabbed, my heart goes out to their parent/s. Not just because of their loss, but also because of the times we take our children for granted. We don’t think that they will die before us, because that’s not the normal process of life. But life is not predictable and anything can happen at anytime!

Cherish those around you and take it from me, it’s not worth taking people for granted. I’ve lost too many people who were close to me. I have many regrets about not doing the things I should have done when they were alive.

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