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Sweat it Out, Yes You Can go That Extra Mile!

Sweat it Out, Yes You Can go That Extra Mile!

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When life is hard and problems hit you from all angles, you might not want to go that extra mile.

I know. Because many times in my life I wanted to give up.

Maybe you’re going through some issues now and want to quit. But, you don’t have to. Hang in there. 

“As long as you have life, you have hope.”

If you’re facing any challenges, you need encouragement.

That’s why I’m sharing this inspirational post  from my friend with you today.

Her name is Marie Abanga. She suffered a life of pain, struggles, heartaches and more. She even attempted suicide. But she lived. You can discover more in her amazing book ‘My Unconventional Loves: My Hurts, My Adulteries, My Redemption’. 

Her post for today is about how she manages to go that extra mile. Read on to find out her secret…

Lets face it, it is our decision to go that extra mile

Except in extreme circumstances say of ultimate handicap, we can choose to do whatever we so badly want. An addict will get his ‘stuff’ at all cost. A patient will decide to take those medications or not and we may decide to stay broken down or give life another shot.

Today, I want to share with you, how l sweat it out and go that extra mile in the mornings, at least 3 times each week regardless of the temptation to just ‘sleep a little more’.


Getting ready to leave
Getting ready to leave

When I weighed 115kg, exercise meant losing that weight and going an extra mile then wasn’t a choice. I felt ugly and soggy, I wanted badly for that ‘fat’ to go away. I couldn’t even bear to take a photo of me in 2009 when I rocked that weight:

I used to be this fat April 2010
I used to be this fat April 2010

Fast forward a few years later, a series of outdoor exercise, gym and diets or outright fasting, produced this:

At the gym Arusha 2012
At the gym Arusha 2012

It is then that l came to see exercise not only for the physical well-being, but also for the mental and otherwise. It is this love and passion that gets me to go the extra mile.


Even when the excuses abound, l go

Oh, talking about excuses, we all know several of them right? Do we make them often? I mean not only when it comes to exercise but also to work or studies, relationships and life in general. So, when they just keep popping up, l silence them by telling myself l can. l cheer myself and maybe promise myself something if only l go that extra mile.

l am not an early bed timer. Where will I keep my numerous occupations, commitments, engagements and all? So, Ms. Ayo sleeps at 23.23 and my mind jumps Chronon. 4:58. Imagine that nagging voice. Oh l can feel that headache will come again. Ah, it’s still so dark outside. Oh, it’ still only 10°. Don’t you feel those sore muscles? And it  seems it may rain… and on it goes.  Sometimes l just let it rant for a while as I put on my clothes and lace my shoes. Once I put on my headset, all I can remember is the voice of my gym instructor cheering us back then as he chanted “Don’t give up”.

Still so dawn? Still so dawn?


Nothing worth getting ain’t ever easy

I have tried a lot of things in my life, I can say some. But I know for example, that even yoga isn’t easy, but that fitness has so much benefits too. I learnt that not even sewing was easy. But I found great satisfaction in my dedication to finish what I started. It takes engaging, consistent and persistent action. We may or may not have the support of others. But it’s important that we are prepared to go that extra mile and no matter how hard it is, we can make it.

On your marks, ready, dash out!
On your marks, ready, dash out!


Go the extra mile

Go the extra mile

Get rid of the toxic thoughts and people

It starts from there. I told you how I deal with those thoughts and now this is how I deal with the people. I am an outspoken and very honest person since 2011 when l realized it wasn’t worth staying conventional and yet suffering suicidal all along.  l thereby not only cut off those toxic people from my circumference. And in no-nonsense language if l have words to spare, l may as well just ignore you and let the extra mile l go shut you up.

Yeah I went the extra mile, and you?
Yeah I went the extra mile, and you?


The original post was written by Marie on her blog Marieabanga.com 

What do you do to go that extra mile? When it feels like you’re climbing an uphill struggle, how do you manage?

Photo credit: Picture Quotes.com 


About June

June Whittle is the founder of Miraculous Ladies, an author, freelance copywriter and professional blogger for hire. She works with small businesses, bloggers and individuals. She is also an author of a self-help and autobiography book “Deep Within my Soul: Hope after abuse”. Miraculous means extraordinary and Lady is a polite or formal way of referring to an amazing woman. That's you. You're a beautiful, strong, incredible, dynamic and powerful woman. Live your dreams. "If you can dream it, you can do it." ~ Walt Disney


    • You’re welcome Marie. You’ve shared my posts and written about me twice on your blog. Plus commented on all the posts I’ve written since we met. It’s the least I could do. 🙂

      I also appreciate your friendship, your phone calls, advice and support. Thanks for being there!

      June Whittle June Whittle


  1. Hey June,

    Thanks for sharing Marie’s post and it sounds like she’s come a very long way. Just having to make that decision to make changes in our lives and then sticking by them is no easy task, that I know for sure.

    I applaud her for how far she’s come and I have a feeling she’ll continue to do great things in her life.

    Adrienne recently posted..3 Tools For Coming Up With Blog Post IdeasMy Profile



    • Hi Adrienne,

      Thanks for commenting on Marie’s post.

      Yes, she been through a lot and come a long way. She’s a very determined and disciplined lady. Despite the life she’s lived so far, she pushing ahead to achieve her goals. I’m sure she’ll do well in the future.

      Have a fantastic weekend. 🙂

      June Whittle June Whittle


  2. Lovely post!

    I find that I can go the extra mile when I am prepared. I understand that there is only so much preparation you can really do. However, when I have a big project that I’m working on, or want to exercise, or even want to take a trip, I find that being prepared helps me stay focused.

    So, for example, when I sit down to write a blog post, I need to sit at the table with my pre-write and resources already selected so that I’m not staring at a blank screen. Same goes for exercising and being healthy. I sit out my clothes and my food the night before. It always helps to be prepared! Thanks for this story. Loved reading it.
    Jennifer Kennedy recently posted..It’s My Blog Anniversary + We’re CelebratingMy Profile

    Jennifer Kennedy


    • Thanks Jennifer!

      I have to be prepared too if I’m working on a big project or travelling. But when it comes to writing, I’m a bit less organised. If I get an idea for a blog post, I just write till it takes some sort of shape. I don’t usually write an outline or plan.

      When I have a goal to meet, I’ll do all I can to meet it. Even if it means going without sleep, food or rest. It’s interesting to see what we do to go that extra mile. It’s also encouraging.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great weekend. 🙂

      June Whittle June Whittle


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