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Single Motherhood: My Story Part 2

Single Motherhood: My Story Part 2

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Hello, ladies, we continue with the second part of my story as a single mother. I don’t know if there is a more difficult job on this planet earth, you know. Single motherhood work is tough work, can never be qualified or fully compensated. But being a single mother – ha, one who finds herself all alone with raising the children, frankly hats off.

Let me continue from where I stopped last time, right?


Returning home and doing the mothering from my mum’s

And it came to pass that exactly four years after I had left so broken inside out, I decided it was time to go back home to my boys.  To be candid, I wasn’t returning to a job, to a home (well my mum’s was there, but…) or to a partner, I just wanted to go back to my boys, period. When I landed, I moved in with mum and tried to take care of my boys from there.

My first son was in boarding school, and the other two were living with their dad. I had lost legal custody of them through the divorce judgement, and so there were a lot of tact and soulful gymnastics involved. I survived this stage for six months, trying to get them with me at my mum’s every other two weekends while visiting them in school at break time every other day, mindful of the distance. Gladly, I could spend the Christmas vacation with all three of them. It was time for me to move on and out of my mum’s – do all it takes to get all my boys back to live with me.


Living together and making our house our home

single motherhood

In February 2016, I was finally able to move out into my own small apartment, and eventually get the kids to live with me.  Fortunately, the house I found was close to their school, walking distance actually. We took like 3 months to settle in and to realize that was it. We were back altogether in the same house and now it was our responsibility to make the best of our being together – considering ourselves a team, hence becoming teammates. It was really my big responsibility and I did a lot of spiritual building to get a recipe that works more than not. The best thing I did was make Jesus the centre of our house. It was then easier to make that house a home because we all agreed it was worthy of being a home.


Single Motherhood going forward

It has not been easy, especially given their ages. My first son is hitting teenage years big time and I realize his hormones are giving him a little tougher time. He is no longer in boarding school. He opted to live at home and attend a college that will be a high school (in Europe and the US) near home. The second is a very sensitive and fragile child so is touch with his emotions. He will rather stay home drawing than go play outside and risk getting hurt or dirty. The last one is the all-weather guy who looks out for his fun and takes it as it comes without paying too much attention to details.

I am learning to be a good mother to them and as a single mother, I have lived through so much joy and yet many challenges too.

single motherhood

In the third and last part of my story, I will share the joys and challenges, all in a bid to show other single mothers out there that truly it is not easy. But it is worth it and can be done… Stay subscribed.

Look out for part three next Friday the 28th April 2017.

Thank you for sharing your single motherhood story, Marie. I hope it inspires and encourages other single mothers. Like you said, it’s tough. But doing tough is what makes us strong. Connect with Marie on Facebook.

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  2. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for sharing post
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    • Hi Shekhar,

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. It’s my pleasure sharing and my story and journey in life with others

      Marie Abanga Marie Abanga


  3. Motherhood one of the toughest part of being a human.

    Great content Marie.

    Thor Ium



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