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Should We Sexualise Our Young Daughters?

Should We Sexualise Our Young Daughters?

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“Why should grown ups  have all the fun?” This is a sales line from ‘La Senza Girl’ featuring lacy, bra-like tops with adjustable straps for 5 – 12-year-old girls. They introduced a range of adult styled lingerie for young girls. Because of protests from politicians, children’s charities and campaigners, they removed the items from their websites. They sold them in stores instead.

Padded Bras and Mini Me Clothing

Would you put your 5-year-old  daughter in a padded bra? What does a 5-year-old have to fill  up a bra? Puberty doesn’t start for some until the ages of 8 upwards. But the average age for girls developing breasts is 13 – 14. Young breasts do need the support of a good bra. However, it’s not necessary for them to wear under wired bras or bras for enhancement.

A lot of mothers  believe that sexualised clothing encourages girls to act older than their ages. On the other hand, why are others trying to force nature, by push starting their young daughters into maturity? They dress their daughters in mini adult versions of the same sort of clothes they wear. I’ve even seen little girls as young as 4 in high heels, tight leggings and cropped tops, wearing make-up.

Childhood years are to be Enjoyed

From birth to 19 are the childhood and teenage years. And from 20 onwards life takes on new meaning and adulthood kicks in. Even though, 18 is when teenagers are legally considered to be adults.  Anyway, in essence, childhood years are very few, since adulthood lasts for most of our lives. So, why don’t we allow our children to enjoy the few carefree years they have? shouldn’t we let them grow up without encouraging provocative behaviour as a normal way of life?

The messages that they’re getting from the media, music videos, films etc. has a big impact on their emotions. They send out the wrong messages to young, impressionable girls. Young girls are being groomed to feel that they are objects to please boys. Losing their virginity at a young age is accepted as the ‘norm‘ these days. Some boys treat girls as something to be sampled. If one doesn’t fit their needs, they move on to the next. How much value or respect are placed on their sexuality?

Sex Obsessed Nation

So who is to blame for these sexualised issues? Is it parents, the media, clothes shops, music videos, films or advertisers? I think that mothers who push their daughters through the sexualised doors has a big part to play as well. No one is forcing them to do it.

Society seems to be obsessed by sex. Children are being exposed to it, even in some cartoon characters. But sex used in the wrong way can be destructive. Apart from HIV, Aids and sexually transmitted diseases, there’s also teenage pregnancy (which is on the increase) to consider. On the other hand, sex within the confines of a loving marriage relationship is to be encouraged.

Frank Furedi, professor of sociology at Kent University, said society as
a whole and adults were to blame.  He said: “The whole of society is hypersexualised – sex becomes the common currency through which adults make their way in the world and continually send a signal to children that sex is all that matters.

“One of the big problems that we are faced with is that increasingly adults have lost the capacity to draw a line between their own attitudes and those of children and increasingly we’re recycling adult attitudes about sex through the prism of children.”

Guidelines to Protect our Children

  • Parents should impose good boundaries and make sure they know what their children are watching on TV.
  • Private access to the internet in their bedrooms should be monitored.
  • Parental Control Settings are available on most Anti-virus software. They should be set by parents, so that children are not able to get access to inappropriate materials on the internet.
  • Children under the age of 11 shouldn’t be allowed to use Social Networks, such as Facebook and Tagged.
  • David Cameron has backed a report to protect children from commercialisation.

We owe it to our children to make sure that they’re protected and grow up as children, enjoying the things children do. Life as adults have enough stress, so let’s cherish our children’s few young years.

What do you think about this sexualisation issue? Please share your views in the comments box below.



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  1. THANK YOU JUNE for bringing this to our attention. It is the Media who MUST take initial responsibility for legalised grooming.
    Parents must learn to say NO. Just because these items are in the shops and “Charice has a bra” doesn’t mean to say YOUR 8 year old should have one! If we explain to our children WHY and get them to educate their peers about it perhaps we can change it?

    linda R


    • Thanks for your comments. I strongly agree and feel very passionate about this subject. Children are growing up too quickly and very soon they won’t have a childhood. Where will it all end? As parents we must take responsibility for educating our children and setting the right standards and moral values.

      junie junie


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    • Lovely to have you here. Thanks for bookmarking my feeds.

      junie junie


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