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Rejection: 3 Miraculous Ways to Deal With it

Rejection: 3 Miraculous Ways to Deal With it

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Nothing can ravage one’s heart like the rejection of when loved ones desert you. However, some other schools of thought see rejection as evidence of growth.

Sometimes being rejected can be good if only you don’t give up and you learn from it. Avoiding rejection, however, can make you miss opportunities.

Being rejected may come in various forms ranging from adoption, childhood sexual abuse, divorce, humiliation, rape, addictions, death, critical illness, gender discrimination, handicaps and more.

The ones listed above are some of the major causes. Nevertheless, it’s not the end of the world. It simply involves you starting afresh and reshaping your walk.

There are three miraculous ways in which this stigma called REJECTION can be handled.


1. Having an in-depth knowledge of the cause of the rejection

Once the cause of a problem is not known, it’s hard to offer a solution. Doctors don’t ever give drugs before diagnosing their patients.

Knowing the cause of any person’s rejection is one vital key to handling it. Rejection simply leaves you on your own, therefore giving you the ability to think about your life.

Your rejected period is an opportunity to discover yourself more than ever before. Reflect deeply on your life and get to know which things you must not do. Also, know the things you should keep or increase doing.


2. Self Happiness

The one major companion of rejection is sadness. So, it takes exceptionally high self-esteem to rise above the stigma.

Rejection means deserting. Therefore, no one is prepared to make you happy except yourself. Happiness is not ready made neither is it already built. It comes from your own actions. No other person determines your happiness. You have a right to be happy or to be sad.

During the period of isolation, it’s more advisable you do more of the things that make you happy. Try out new things. Be comfortable with who you are. Don’t dwell on your flaws nor compare yourself with others. 

“Even if you’re not happy, act happy”

3.  The supernatural encounter (God)

The supernatural way of handling rejection is a great approach. It opens your mind and soothes loneliness. Therefore, it focuses your thinking beyond what people think about you. This entails shifting your total attention to the one who created you, perfect in his own image. He knows how each person one will walk in this world.

The moment of rejection is not the time to cry. On the other hand, it’s a time to draw close to God. Understand the deep parts of his words and thoughts towards you. A person can only say things, but only the supernatural has the ability to make them happen. The word brings light to your path, telling you that you’re accepted even when you’re rejected.

“The rejected stone will one day become the builder’s stone.”

The following quotes taken from scriptures will uplift and inspire you to handle rejection:

Admit the rejection of the past and acknowledge its pain. (Lamentations 3:19–23)

Claim God’s acceptance and unconditional love. (Isaiah 54:10)

Choose to forgive those who rejected you. (Colossians 3:13)

Expect future rejection as natural in a fallen world. (1 Peter 4:12–14)

Plant Scriptures in your mind to produce new thought patterns. (Romans 12:2)

Thank God for what you’ve learned through your rejection. (Psalm 119:71)

Encourage others as an expression of Christ’s love. (Hebrews 3:13)

Draw on the power of Christ’s life within you. (Philippians 4:13)

Finally, rejection has two effects – the positive and the negative. It, however, depends on the person who is affected to decide which choice to make. This is an article I believe you should share because a dying rejected soul might be saved by applying these three methods.

Over to you…

In this guest post, Michael talks about the negative effects of rejection and how to overcome it. Have you ever been rejected in any areas of your life? How did you deal with it? Please share your thoughts. 



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