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My Readers Top Comments – Thank You

My Readers Top Comments – Thank You

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My blog has been up and running since April 2011. As we approach the end of 2011, I would like to show my appreciation to my loyal readers. As a way of saying thank you, I’m publishing some of the top comments from you.

You have inspired me to carry on writing, and I really appreciate your kind words. I hope you will continue to support me throughout 2012.

I hope you have a fantastic new year, overflowing with lots of love, happiness, success, good health  and peace.

Christmas Drink and Fruit Cake – Jamaican Style

  • That punch looks delicious!! My girlfriend is coming over next weekend to do some holiday baking and that drink sounds a must. We usually make martinis, but a change would be nice. I can’t wait to try it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Christmas Dream

  • What a beautiful poem! It’s very inspirational. I will be forwarding this along to a few co-workers that could use a little smile on their faces

Enjoy Christmas on a Budget

  • This is a great article!! You’re 100% right…Starting early is key to getting Christmas presents. It also allows for more time in between pay checks with cuts back on credit card bills. This was a very helpful article! I never realized all the money that went into a holiday dinner until last year. I hosted Thanksgiving, and omg was it expensive! I’m in the clear this year, but that’s great advice with the feast!

Christmas Cards Custom Made by You

  • I love this idea!! Usually, to save money, I just eliminate Christmas cards all together. I never thought of making my own. Some of the options you posted above need to be explored. My cousin wants to send out Christmas cards with my godson’s picture on it, but we couldn’t afford it. Maybe now we could get it done

Christmas and the Single Woman – Tips on How to Enjoy it

  • I love your list! These are some great suggestions, especially the taking a vacation with your time off. Ha-ha I will be visiting plenty of family. I’m sorry things have been a little rough for you, but maybe the holidays will make it seem all better. And you’re so right about everything being a ghost town on Christmas! Isn’t it an awful feeling? My best friend is Jewish, and she always say her Christmas is spent at the movies and eating Chinese food. Ha-ha!
  • Although I am married, my husband is overseas and I feel a little single! I spend lots of time with family and I am able to spend more time writing and reading, two things I love to do. I am also using this time to undergo a career change. Your list is great and I am going to share it with a dear loved family member. I have to say that family and friends are extremely important and have made this an easy and enjoyable time for me. I have also been doing Zumba 2 on the Nintendo Wii with my mom and nieces and looking forward to toning up in the upcoming New Year!

Mothers are from Jupiter and Teenage Daughters from Saturn

  • Oh my gosh…Yes it is very common what you have stated. My daughter is 14 going on 25 and yes hormones are truly wonderful??? I also have to learn to stray calm cool relaxed and just let her vent and sometimes being calm works at other times it does not. But the magazine with their body images does not help and if I could I would write to the top fashion houses and really have a good talk with them. It was also different when we were growing up and I also think that is part of the issue. We do need to step back a little and I need to give her more trust and realise she is not 5 but nearly 15…It is not easy and yes it is hard at any age and in any decade growing up. I just remind her I was young once and have gone through what she is and she is learning to meet me half way. Just never give up and be supportive loving and give her lots of hugs, kisses, cuddles and make her laugh that also helps…
  • Don’t stress yourself too hard over this. My mother and I had a horrible relationship until I “grew up”. I blamed her for every little thing that went wrong in my life. Then if she tried to reprimand me or teach me something, I would go off. It was to the point that I was convinced that I didn’t need parents and that I could live on my own. That’s how I ended up living on my own since 18 years old. I’m not sure how your daughters are, but I think this is something that most girls go through with their mothers. In the end, mothers and daughters usually become best friends. Now, I don’t know what I would do without my mother! Good luck!

Should We Sexualise Our Young Daughters?

  • THANK YOU JUNE for bringing this to our attention. It is the Media who MUST take initial responsibility for legalised grooming. Parents must learn to say NO. Just because these items are in the shops and “Charice has a bra” doesn’t mean to say YOUR 8-year-old should have one! If we explain to our children WHY and get them to educate their peers about it perhaps we can change it?

8 Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar for Great Hair Care

  • I will be doing that conditioner ASAP. I’ll let you know how it goes. FYI: I showed your blog to my aunt. If she wasn’t so computer illiterate she would be a dedicated follower. Either way, I printed her out several of your articles

Happy Being a Single Woman and Loving it

  • I absolutely love this blog!! It’s fun, informative, and has a great presentation. You just got yourself a regular visitor. Miraculousladies.com is officially bookmarked on my browser it was very nice to meet you!! Single ladies unite…lol

Unhealthy Relationship Signs and How to Fix Them

  • This is the information that we need to have good relationships!

How Did You Get Lipstick on Your Collar?

  • Let me start by saying that I am not a jealous person. In fact, my past relationships started to fizzle because of lack of jealousy. These men somehow construed their minds into think it meant I didn’t care. That being said, even I would get upset seeing lip stick on a man’s collar. I don’t care how much pushing or how crowded a room was, there is NO way that a female’s lips would grace the collar of another man’s shirt. Think about it…you’ve been to a night club. Has a woman ever bumped her lips onto your collar-bone or neck? I don’t think so…

The Forecourts of Victoria

  • Great Job! Remarkable post with great and admirable content. I will look forward to your future update.

Perception of Perfection

  • I have been examining out a few of your articles and I can claim pretty nice stuff. I will definitely bookmark your site.

How Did I Get Here?

  • The moment I saw this site was like wow. Thank you for putting your effort in writing this article.

Say Goodbye to Puffy Eyes

  • I have always had puffy eyes and in recent years, I’ve noticed the darkness under them is getting harder and harder to fight with drugstore brand eye creams. My paternal grandmother had such severe black circles all around her eyes– I knew I was dealing with an inherited demon. I asked my dermatologist if there was ANYTHING on the market that would lighten my circles and she suggested the Olive Night Creme from Made from Earth Skin Care. After using up my first jar, I am coming back for more! This cream really does lighten the un-lightenable. It helps with the puffiness, too, but not as significantly as the dark circles. I almost look like a normal person instead of something from the raccoon family.

15 Surprising Benefits of Cucumbers

  • You get a lot of respect from me for writing these helpful articles.

Laugher Brightens the Dark Days

  • LOL!! It’s soo true! Once someone starts laughing, we all do. It’s like you’re laughing at someone laughing. Great video. I love how the whole train ends up cracking up over nothing.

Why Can’t I Park?

  • Good day. Your blog is great. That is a wonderful insight on the subject and I would like to thank you for sharing. I shall come back again.

No One Told You

  • That really is a motivational. She’s right though. Who are these people who set let limits on others? Set your own limits and then achieve higher. That’s what I always try to do.

Will You Share A Little Happiness with Others

  • Thanks for sharing this lovely story, should remind us how doing things for others can bring us such joy x
  • The happiness debate is an interesting one. Lately I’ve been thinking about the difference between “happiness” and joy. I think it’s an issue of dimensions. Happiness is momentary, but joy is longer lasting. I think the biggest difference is that joy emanates from within and happiness is caused by external circumstances like a new car. You can be joyful without being happy, but you cannot be happy without joy. Joy is the superior state of being. Strength for living emanates from joy. In closing it’s worth remembering that proportionally speaking the rich tend to be less happy than their less “fortunate” counterparts. Mm

Are You Looking For Some Happiness

  • insightful……….most of the time, we human think that happiness in life come from money…….but I tell u the only source of inner fulfilment for everyone is Christ Jesus, he is the true vine…….June, u re a blessing.
  • Reading your blogs inspire me to do better in life.

Is it You or is it Me

  • Me and my wife love this poem, we hope to see more of your work soon. To your ~Success and Freedom!~

Never Complain

  • This post is so true!! Everyone takes advantage of all the little things in their life. It’s those little things that make life so special. Appreciate what you have and give to those who don’t. If everyone thought in that way the world would be a peaceful place.

Don’t Let the Dark Months Give You the SAD Winter Blues

  • I love the HiFutureSelf app! Great find Junie. What a fun concept.
  • I love this!! Whenever I’m sad I always sing REALLY loud to a song. I feel instantly better. Great tips

Riots, Anger and Free-Loaders

  • Excellent! This article hits on all views and every view described is speaking the truth!……..a very good read. Thank you
  • Love the new look website. We as parents have to find some way to fight back at being able to
    DISCIPLINE our own children!? Now David Cameron asks us as parents to know where our children are. We are not allowed to lock them in their bedroom the GOVT saw to that, we are NOT allowed to clip them round the ear, the GOVT saw to that. How can we discipline our children? The GOVT have made it illegal for us to do so, we need them to change the law back. I would rather the youth of today have a clip round the ear from their parents than a BATON round the head from a policeman!
    Traffic Wardens have been known as Civil Enforcement Officers for a few years now. To know what that means to you and me Google it, it’s scary!

Who Is a Friend?

  • Hello June. What a wonderful article – you have put into words what a lot of us often feel and need to hear about solid friendships that matter. I especially enjoyed the fruit crumble and custard story! Keep up the good writing!

About Me

  • Love your blog June. Very honest account of how a lot of us feel very brave of you.
    Love the quote “winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win”. I can see your blog being a great success. Congratulations and THANK YOU.
  • June you’ve done a great job with the design of this website. I have a great deal of respect for you. You have achieved in your life something which may have eluded me, stability in the face of storm and pain. There is a gift though which I can give you. I think I can find you the inches to make you a good writer. At least I know a man who can. Let me know if you’re interested and we can chat.
  • Hi you!
    Thank you so much for this wonderful blog!! It was just what I needed tonight on my way to somewhere else online…it sweetly interrupted my fast paced zoom and put me in a nicer mind place.
    I am an aspiring writer. And with all the writing I have done through the years, I should be published…soon I am sure. In the meantime, I remain most importantly, ear up toward God, ready to hear His good things which He loves to speak into the ear of His daughters…like us!
    I live in Southwest Florida…and creating a house for women…I opened a house for young pregnant women in the 80′s and now it is time to open a house for women of all ages…
    Many Blessings. I wish you good success!
  • Love the positivity of your site! Breath of fresh air. I’ll be following you. Many blessings!

 Things Mama Used To Say

  • Hi Junie, thanks for posting an amazing website. It is very empowering. Please keep it up! I am currently selling Jamaican proverbs on my website to celebrate the differences within our culture. Please check it out when you are free. God bless.

 Teenage Corner

  •  I must say, you’ve got one of the ideal blogs I’ve seen in a lengthy time. What I wouldn’t give to be able to generate a blog that’s as intriguing as this. I guess I’ll just need to keep reading yours and hope that 1 day I can write on a topic with as considerably understanding as you’ve got on this one!
  • Hi There! I’ve gone ahead and bookmarked http://www.miraculousladies.com/teenage-corner-2/the-youth on Reddit so my friends can see it too. I just used The Youth | Miraculous Ladies as the title in my bookmark, as I figured if it is good enough for you to title your blog post that, then you probably would like to see it bookmarked the same way.

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  1. You do have some pretty great readers! I can tell just by those comment. Yup, they’re pretty awesome 😉 hahaha

    I love your blog! You always have great inspiration and even more useful tips! I can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store.

    Have a great New Year!!
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    • Thank you. I consider you to be one of my most loyal readers and I appreciate your visits and comments on my blog. Your support has really encouraged and inspired me. I love your blog as well and I will definitely continue to follow you in 2012. I love reading your articles and I’m looking forward to lots more in the coming year. I wish you a very HAPPY New Year 🙂

      junie junie


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