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Pinterest Traffic is the Best Kind of Traffic

Pinterest Traffic is the Best Kind of Traffic

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Generating traffic streams to your blog or eBusiness website need not be a difficult task as long as you have devised an effective strategy and game-plan. As a social media guru, I can confidently say that Pinterest absolutely must be a key ingredient in your marketing and promotional efforts.

This is the fastest growing website in history, according to Fortune magazine, and TechCrunch reported that Pinterest hit 10 million unique monthly U.S. visitors faster than any other standalone site in history. This is quite impressive when you consider that Pinterest is outpacing the likes of social networking powerhouses Facebook and Twitter at similar phases in development.

You may be curious as to what exactly this Pinterest website is all about. It is an entire virtual photo-sharing community that allows its users to create their own virtual pinboards. These pinboards can be organized by various categories, which may include health, beauty, delicious recipes and home décor, for example. Pinterest users, or “serial pinners” as they are often referred to, can then pin relevant images to their boards on their own or “re-pin” images from other users’ boards.

This photo-sharing tool really has succeeded in creating a virtual community atmosphere in that users can connect with and follow other users who share similar tastes and interests. This will be a key point as I discuss how you can tap into Pinterest to create a major traffic stream to your blog or eBusiness website.

Also, it is important that you understand that 80 percent of Pinterest users are currently female since the dominant content themes on the site appeal primarily to this base. These themes include beauty, fashion, delicious recipes, health, fitness, home decor, arts and crafts and inspirational items.

Let’s put it all together now and really explore how you can use Pinterest to increase traffic to your site. Read on, curious blogger…

Know how to Catch a Lady’s Attention

Does any aspect of your blog or eBusiness appeal primarily to women? Do you manage a blog that teaches stay-at-home mothers how they can earn money online? Does your eBusiness sell a fitness video or product that is perfect for women want to get into shape fast? If so, you can really tap into Pinterest for marketing and promotional purposes.

You should begin by creating a Pinterest profile and setting up your own customized pinboards depending on the niche you are targeting. Pinterest is loaded with beautiful, eye-catching pins that really attract the human senses. It may be in your best interest to hire a digital graphics designer who can create visually appealing pins for you that you can pin to your boards.

Pinterest is also really cool in that it allows users to create and share text and video-based pins. You could convert a positive customer testimonial into a pin or create a video pin featuring a satisfied customer using one of your products.

Networking is Always Important

It is now important to connect with and follow other Pinterest users who are passionate about the niche you are targeting. Pinterest is a nifty networking tool in that it will provide you a list of suggested users you can connect with right off the bat.

If you manage a home décor related blog, for example, you want to reach out to Pinterest users who are interested in decoration so that your site can enjoy highly targeted traffic to your site.

If you manage an eBusiness that sells a mobile phone application, you will want to follow Pinterest users who are interest in technology.

A Button can Work for Itself

Once your blog or eBusiness develops a strong presence on Pinterest, you will want to add the “Pin-It” button to your website, which can be done fairly easily. This will allow “pinners” who visit your site to easily pin images to their boards.

As you can imagine, this “Pin-It” will begin to work for itself immediately. It will help spread your brand out there as much as possible on the photo-sharing website.

So, why is Pinterest traffic the best kind of traffic? A recent study by Convertro revealed that Pinterest drives more revenue per click than Facebook or Twitter. It’s time for you to tap into the explosive popularity of this networking tool to drive up traffic to your blog or eBusiness.

So how do you use Pinterest to grow your blog and attract new followers? Please share your comments with us.

This is a guest post by Karen Daniels. She is is an enthusiastic Pinterest user, social networking coordinator for Baby Changing Station. Karen uses Pinterest every day for recreational use and as part of her job.

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