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Mother’s Day: Saluting Strong Non-Mothers

Mother’s Day: Saluting Strong Non-Mothers

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We will celebrate Mother’s Day in the UK on Sunday 26th March 2017. This is the day when children, young and old, do something special for their biological mum. They’re in for a treat, wonderful surprises or gifts.

But, what about you?

With all the hype, promotions, media attention and fuss associated with Mother’s Day, it’s easy for you to feel left out.

Just because you’re not a biological mother doesn’t mean you’re not a mum in other ways. You have the specialist skills of a mum. Therefore, you’re worth recognition on Mother’s Day.

Let’s look at why I’m making this bold claim.

You haven’t given birth to your own child. Nor experienced the rush of love when you first laid eyes on them. Nevertheless, your heart is full of love for the children who have come into your life. You’ve impacted them in one way or another by supporting, loving and caring for them like a mother.

Some people assume that the most important job a woman can do is to raise children. However, I know many wonderful, strong women who are not mothers. They make amazing contributions to the lives of many, whether through marriage, adoption, fostering, family commitments or some other way.

I salute you on Mother’s Day. You’re an amazing woman who’ve taken on the important roles of motherhood, even though you’re childless. You deserve a big shout out. 

Celebrating non-mothers on Mother’s Day

  • You’re an adoptive mother

adoptive mother

Taking in and loving another woman’s child as your own requires a big heart. It’s even more difficult if you’ve adopted an older child who is from a physical, emotional or abusive background. You need to nurture them with heaps of tender loving care, support and attention. But, because of your patience, calm temperament, empathy, commitment and perseverance, you manage this demanding role. You’re one in a million with a big heart.


  • You’re a stepmother


Image source

When you marry, your husband’s son or daughter becomes your stepchild. Loving someone else’s offspring like your own may come with challenges. Especially if they’re grown up and sees you like the wicked stepmother. But this awful stigma doesn’t have to apply to you. The mothering instinct in you will love them and make them feel accepted and respected. A stepmother is a good source of knowledge and insight, giving wise solutions to problems.


  • You’re an auntie


Image source

Aunties are usually adorable. Nieces and nephews love spending quality time with you. Also, you lavish lots of love on your sibling’s children. And treat them like your own to make them feel extra special. On top of that, you love hanging out with them. You enjoy spoiling them with lovely gifts too. One of the most important things about being an auntie is the quality time you spend with your niece or nephew. They feel precious with auntie.


  • You’re a foster-mother

Foster mothers are fantastic role models. Because you care for your foster child, you develop a strong bond. You’re a remarkable woman who demands discipline, yet you influence in a positive way. You chose this role because you love unconditionally. You understand how to support your foster child who may have deep-rooted emotional baggage. And, you’re able to make a massive difference to their life.


Finally, the title mother belongs to many strong non-mothers all over the world. You’re an incredible woman. It’s not easy wearing the shoes of motherhood with all its challenges. You love unconditionally like biological mothers. Sometimes you go the extra mile and do more than your duty for the children in your life. I salute you because you’re kind, caring, supportive, exceptional and loving. Happy Mother’s Day.

Over to you…

What mothering role do you play? Do the children you look after make you feel special on Mother’s Day? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. And share this article to inspire other strong women. 🙂



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  1. Junie, I have mixed feelings about this post. Let me explain.
    1) I think maybe because I am from Africa, I find the stress on mother being biological a bit annoying. Back here, a child can have several mothers and aunties and all – even a child’s grandma may be seen by them as their mother; and the ‘biological’ mum may not even play that ‘crucial mother’ role in the child’s life.
    2) Some biological mothers have unfortunately brought so much pain and all into a child’s life, they are far from whom that child will want to think of celebrating or acknowledging on mother’s day or whichever day of the year.
    I have many who call me mama and I couldn’t be their biological mother of course. I just beg God for the Grace to keep trying my best to love both the children he gave me through my womb, and those through life, in the most unconditional and faithful way.
    Thanks for writing the post and well I will note the date to wish you a happy day then (or is it only to be from a ‘child’ to their ‘mother’?)

    Marie Abanga Marie Abanga


    • Hi Marie,

      I do understand what you mean and you’re right. Many biological mothers are not there for their children. And I know some women don’t even want to acknowledge their mothers on Mother’s Day. I didn’t mean to offend anyone. I just wanted to acknowledge the women who play a big (mother figure) role in the lives of other children or adults, even though they haven’t got any children of their own. This post is to congratulate those women. I wrote it because I think they deserve to be acknowledged on Mother’s Day for what they do. I have written many articles in the past wishing biological mothers happy Mother’s Day. But this year I wanted to do something different.

      And I hope all women will have a happy Mother’s Day today, whether they’re biological mothers or not.

      I spent the weekend with my daughter and only came back this evening. This morning at her church, every woman was given a present for Mother’s Day. Most of them were not mothers and I thought that was rally nice.

      But this is a deep subject. There are single women who spent the day alone because their babies are too young to appreciate them on Mother’s Day. Also, there are divorced women, those whose partners are dead, and others who have separated from their exes. And there are women who can’t have any children but they are mothers to other people’s children. And the list goes on.

      Anyway, happy Mother’s Day to all women. You are all valuable and play a role as a mother one way or another. 🙂

      In reply to your last question, thank you for your Mother’s Day wish. I had lots of messages today from other mothers, and also from men. So, anyone can send a Mother’s Day greeting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Marie.

      June June


    • Thanks for leaving a comment Renuka. 🙂

      June June


  2. While I support the recognition of all those others, I make sure I celebrate all the mothers in my life on Mother’s Day! I send cards to Mother, grandmother and stepmother and make sure I do something for each of them. I don’t see it as an uninclusive thing, merely an opportunity for me to recognise and appreciate all those mothers in my life.
    Elise recently posted..How to spend 72 Hours in Xi’an (visa free!)My Profile



    • Yes, I love the idea of celebrating your grandmother and stepmother as well as your own mother. That’s really thoughtful and kind. I’m sure you made them all feel special on Mother’s Day.

      I wanted to do something different this year and recognise the women who are motherless but love other people’s children. These women have big hearts.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Have a nice evening. 🙂

      June June


  3. Awesome heart touching article.



  4. Amazing article that reminds us how motherhood is a holy thing, i have looked after my sisters’ kids since their birth and experienced “somewhat” the feeling of being a mother without being a biological mother.



    • Motherhood is indeed holy and precious. That’s why I admire women who take on the roles of mothers to other women’s children like you do. It takes someone with a caring heart to do that.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I hope to see you again soon. 🙂

      June June


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