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How to be a Woman of Courage & Face Your Fears

How to be a Woman of Courage & Face Your Fears

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Are you a woman of courage? Do you let fear control your life and stop you from moving forward?

I know I did. Until the day I told myself, “Enough is enough!”

For many years, fear stopped me from chasing after my dream. I always wanted to be a teacher. But shyness dominated my life. I couldn’t even speak in a group. I turned into a wallflower (my heart used to beat like it would burst out of my chest) when it was my turn to speak.

Not only was it controlling. It was stopping me from progressing.

The name for ‘it’ is FEAR!

The acronym of fear is, “False Evidence Appearing Real” ~ Neale Donald Walsch

What do you want to do but keep putting off?

Job had it all. A wonderful family, thriving business, money, servants, good friends and was well-respected in the community. He was a good man who lived a decent life. Job 7:7

One day without warning, Job’s life came crashing down like a mudslide burying everything precious to him. Robbers raided his farm, stole his animals and killed his workers and servants. Next, his shepherds and sheep all burned in an unexpected fire.

Job thought it couldn’t get any worse. Suddenly, someone knocked on his door. He had some shocking news. His 7 children were celebrating at one of their brother’s houses. All of a sudden the house they were in collapsed. They all died. Job lost everything. Except his wife.

His fears became real. “What I always feared has happened to me. What I dreaded has come to be.” Job 3: 25. I used the story of Job (from the bible) to show you how life can change in a flash.

While you’ve got breath in your body, go after your dreams. Don’t wait for tomorrow. The only day you can guarantee is today. Yesterday is the past and tomorrow is the future.

Each day is today. What is your fear? Is it one of these:

  • You want to start a business. But you’re scared of stepping into the unknown.
  • You’re in a dead-end job. But you’re too scared to make a change.
  • You want to start a blog. But don’t know what to do. Or you’re afraid no one will read it.
  • You’re bored with your life and want to make some changes. But don’t have the courage.

Whatever it is, take control. Be a woman of courage. Kick fear to the curb.

In Spite of Your Fears

Let’s look at the list of things you’re putting off doing. I’m going to give you some tips: 

How to start a business

Starting a business is exciting. If you do plan it properly, there’s more chances of it being successful. The first step is to have an idea. That idea could be a need. You could start a business based on that need. Maybe you’re creative and you’ve created a product you want to sell.

On the other hand, you may want to start a service based business. The next step is doing market research. Speak to your potential customers. Find out if there’s a need for your product or service.

Then write a business plan. A business plan is a working document to help you forecast. It covers things such as marketing, goals, your services and financial projection. It’s also a good tool for measuring your progress.

To find out more about setting up a business, check out this PDF from Prospects.ac.uk.

How to make exciting changes to your job

I messed about at school. After I left I couldn’t get a decent job. I did factory work, cleaning and sales. Those jobs did nothing to stimulate me. So I moved up the ladder into accounts. I took a break for a few years to focus on my family. And started again.

I went into the administrative field. After a couple of years I left. I attended university to do a teacher training course. Now I’m a freelance copywriter and blogger. As you can see, I’ve always embraced change. Even though each change came with fear of the unknown. 

What about you?

Are you fearless enough to quit when the signs hit you? 

Are you courageous enough to make that change?

Before you quit your job, be clear about what you want to do. Plan. Use wisdom, your talents, skills, strengths and values to guide you.

  • Do want to make a clean break from the sector you’re in? Look for job in another sector. If you’re in the private sector, move to the public sector. Or the other way round.
  • Reducing your hours to part-time and doing voluntary work could be rewarding. That’s if you’ve got enough money to live on. Otherwise earning less could have financial implications. 
  • Get some training. Gain new skills and knowledge for a career change.
  • Speak to people at your current workplace. Maybe you could use your transferable skills in another job there.
  • Mix with passionate, inspirational people who will support you on your new career journey. 

Your confidence will soar when you start the ball rolling. Remember! You’re the only one in control of your life.

“Learn from the past, set vivid, detailed goals for the future, and live in the only moment of time over which you have any control: now.” ~ Denis Waitley

How to start a blog

When I started blogging in 2011, I was like a woman lost in a forest. I didn’t know which way to turn. I spent hours fiddling around on WordPress. Until I eventually figured it out. I didn’t know about niches, domain names, social media, SEO, keywords or traffic. I thought traffic was getting stuck in your car on your way to work or shopping. I learnt the hard way.

If my bottom could speak it would tell you a story about the long hours it was stuck to the chair.

A lot of fantastic books have been written about blogging. If you want to make a living from blogging, check out Carol Tice’s eBook, ‘How to be a Well-Paid Freelance Blogger’. It’s available on her website Make a Living Writing. Harleena Singh also wrote a post about blogging. She listed 5 steps to creating your own blog.

Blogging opened up a whole new world for me. I’ve met some fabulous people along the way. They’ve been extremely supportive and encouraging.

One in particular have become a good friend. Her name is Marie. This lady has an amazing story. She wrote a book to share her experiences. I think she’s brave. Not many people would have the courage to talk about the deep things she’s been through.

How to add some seasoning to your lifestyle

Do you know what pushed me to change my lifestyle? It was a simple question. ‘What legacy will you leave behind?’ I thought about it. And I figured out I had to do something. Otherwise, I would continue doing the same old, same old…

Unless you make an effort to change your story, the end will be predictable.

I didn’t want to end up drawing my pension and looking back with regrets.

Or worse, singing the same old song like a record stuck on the player. I’ve heard too many people singing it. “Oh! If only I had done this. If only I had done that.” But they didn’t do it. Then it was too late to do anything. They were either too old or too ill. You don’t want to go down that journey. 

  • Do something you’ve never done before. Don’t just step out of your comfort zone. Run!
  • Change your old habits. If you always wear your hair a certain way, get a new hairstyle. Or change the colour. Be brave. 
  • Pamper yourself regularly. Get a body massage, manicure, pedicure and your eyebrows shaped.
  • Book yourself into a hotel. Go away for the weekend. Chill out and enjoy spending time alone.
  • Have you ever sat in the park and read a good book? Try it. It’s a lovely experience sitting under a leafy tree, just you and your favourite story. 
  • If drive everywhere have a couple of car free days. Walk. Get some fresh air and enjoy nature. Your body will enjoy it too.
  • Meet up with the girls once a month. Go to the cinema or out for a delicious meal. Or just jump on a bus and visit another town.

Be a woman of courage. Confidence and strength will make you fearless. When you know what you want and grab it, fear doesn’t stand a chance. Look it in the face. Tell it to move out of your way. Fear is only real if you make it real.

Photo credit: Pixabay.com

Have you done any courageous things? How did you kick fear out of your life? Encourage other ladies by telling your story in the comment box. And please share the love and share this post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. 🙂


About June

June Whittle is the founder of Miraculous Ladies, an author, freelance copywriter and professional blogger for hire. She works with small businesses, bloggers and individuals. She is also an author of a self-help and autobiography book “Deep Within my Soul: Hope after abuse”. Miraculous means extraordinary and Lady is a polite or formal way of referring to an amazing woman. That's you. You're a beautiful, strong, incredible, dynamic and powerful woman. Live your dreams. "If you can dream it, you can do it." ~ Walt Disney


  1. Dear June,

    How excited and grateful and humbled and glad and all can I say I am to be mentioned in your post? Oh let me just stay alive to finally get to meet you next week.

    Now to this post, we have some in common and yes my book is my story written with the most courageous and honest of pens;

    As the quote says, we can all decided at anytime that the story will have a different ending. All the best my friend and see you soonest 🙂
    Marie Abanga recently posted..Fati my Senegalese hairdresser and heroineMy Profile

    Marie Abanga Marie Abanga


    • Hi Marie,

      It was a pleasure mentioning you in this post. Don’t worry! I’m sure we’ll get to meet next week. 🙂

      I’m looking forward to an autographed copy of your book. And of course to seeing you.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing this post. I appreciate it.

      Have a blessed weekend. 🙂

      June Whittle June Whittle


    • Thank you Marie. I’m honoured to be given the Quintet of Radiance Award. :-)It doesn’t matter that there’s no monetary worth in it. What matters is that you thought about me. That’s worth more than money.

      You’ve inspired me from the first day we met Marie. And I’ll do my best to stay strong for all of us. 🙂

      June Whittle June Whittle


  2. Being fearless is impossible and it’s not even the point. What you should learn is how to control and how to deal with it. Let your faith win over your fears. Just always do something you are afraid to. Live with your dreams and not with your fear, don’t let fear decide your future.

    Carol Newlands


    • You’ve raised some good points. I like what you said about letting your faith win over your fears. This is an area that I have struggled with in the past. But I’m learning how to live by faith and not allowing fear to dominate me. It’s liberating being able to do that.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

      June June


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