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Avoid Destiny Destroyers – A Life of Imitation is a Life of Limitation

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Fulfilling destiny in life is the ambition of everybody, black or white, old or young alike. To fulfil your destiny in life you need to avoid destiny destroyers. Destiny destroyers are the enemy of every destiny. The destiny destroyers have been killing and destroying destinies from eternity past. These destiny destroyers are powerful enough to sink the ship of any...

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5 Lies that can Destroy Your Self-Confidence

5 Lies that can Destroy Your Self-Confidence

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I’ve been thinking about self-confidence lately. Mainly because it’s something I’ve struggled with for most of my life. The words self-confidence carries a lot of power.  When you have confidence, you’re free from doubt, fear and worthlessness. You believe in yourself and in your abilities. “I’m like a cat. Throw me up in the air and I’ll always land on my feet. “ ~...

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