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You are Strong, Powerful, Worthwhile, Gorgeous and Blessed


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Miraculous means extraordinary and Lady is a polite or formal way of referring to an amazing woman. Just like you. You’re a beautiful, strong, incredible, dynamic and powerful woman

You better believe it, girl, because that’s who you are. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through. Focus on the present and have hope for the future. The past is behind you. It’s your history that has formed you. And maybe you want to forget, move on and start today to live a fulfilled life.

Why? Because you deserve kindness, appreciation, respect and your voice heard. And NOW you refuse to be abused because you don’t like being bruised.

It’s your time to break FREE from the shackles, dust yourself off, breathe and go full steam ahead. You know you can do it. I did.

However, I understand and know how you feel. It’s easier said than done.

After all, you’ve been ignored, excluded and abused. Maybe your emotions are still battered, withered and raw. Yet, you can recharge your physical body and renew your mind. Give your sapped energy level a boost. Heal your heart, find comfort and shelter from emotional pain. Put the nerve-racking memories and frustrating experiences behind you.

Are you still struggling with adjusting to a new life as a single, independent and worthwhile woman?

Together we can help each other move on and live a fulfilled life.

We can support each other on the journey to freedom, healing, new self-worth and discovery.

This blog is to inspire, encourage, motivate and educate you to live a fulfilled life. The information here will empower you to build up your self-esteem and confidence. It’s what I want for you. Simply the best.

If you want to reassure other miraculous ladies and share your encouraging story, then click here to contact me. I will get back to you as soon as I can. I reply to every email.


About Me

I’m June and I’m based in London, UK. I’m a freelance copywriter and professional blogger.

My story is your story…

I fell in love with the first boy who gave me affection and showed an interest in me.

He said he loved me, so, I presumed he was Mr Right…

I enjoyed his undivided attention. He was my number one. However, he cheated on me.

After him, relationship hell followed. I desperately searched for true love. Dark days continued to follow me. My life felt like rubbish. I wanted to give up. However, my precious kids kept me going. They gave me hope, courage and faith to carry on living.

The physical, verbal, emotional abuse and infidelity I suffered, messed up my life for many years.


A pen and writing pad was my best friend during that period. I poured out words loaded with heartache, anger, hope and unrequited love on paper. Writing poems were my escape from the pain. I shared some of my experiences in my autobiography and self-help book, “Deep Within my Soul“, now available on Amazon

Did I learn anything from living in abusive relationships? Yes, of course. On reflection, I learned many significant relationship lessons. In addition, God changed my life (over the years) through an emotional healing process.


Declaration for Strong Miraculous Ladies (That’s You)

I am Strong and Powerful – I have gone through fire. Although it burnt me, it didn’t consume me. I came out alive.

I am Worthwhile – I didn’t believe it for a long time. Now I know I deserve love and respect.

I am Gorgeous – When I look at myself in the mirror, I see a beautiful woman. It doesn’t matter what others see.

I am Blessed – I am alive because I woke up this morning. So, I give thanks for my life.

I Love Me – I will always be me, no matter what. Loving myself is the first step to accepting who I am.


Contact me by email: miraculousladies AT hotmail DOT co Dot uk

If you need a dose of inspiration, a prayer or just someone to chat with, click here to get in touch.

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