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8 Fashion Blunders to Avoid

8 Fashion Blunders to Avoid

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Sometimes you end up making a number of fashion blunders that could have been avoided. Below is a list of blunders which you can laugh at or keep in mind. Or both at the same time, to avoid in the future.


  1. Showing off too much

You must have heard the saying “Anything in excess is poison”. Same applies to your clothes. If you are showing off too much, it doesn’t make you look sexy. This is considered as one of the major fashion blunders of all times. If you are young and in your twenties, showing off can be good, within limit. It can sometimes get you the attention, but not a positive one.


  1. Muffin top

The recent trend is wearing low waist jeans. But this may let your love handles hang out. So it’s best not to take it out of the room. This muffin top could ruin your looks.


  1. Following old fashion

Some women in their thirties, forties and fifties still hold on to clothes that they used to wear when they were younger. This may be not intentional at times.  Nevertheless, times have changed along with fashion trends. More important, looks and bodies change over the years. It keeps you away from present trends if you don’t move with the times.


  1. Wrong fit

This is one of the common fashion mistakes women make. They go for clothes that are too big or too small. Now the worst part is that both of them will make you look bad. So make sure that you don’t wear a baggy outfit or squeeze yourself in a tight dress. The right kind of dress will make you look good and show off your flattering curves.


  1. More jewellery

There are many women who wear their jewellery right and look good. Then comes those who overloads themselves with lots of jewellery. That gives a dreadful look. Mix and matching jewellery and creating a new look is really an art. Many people are not able to understand this and end up decorating themselves like a Christmas tree.


  1. Fake tan

There are a number of products available on the market, which helps give a fake tan. You can use them to get a better look. Again, you need to remember that if you fail to use them properly you may end up with a nasty look.


  1. Overdoing office attire

When it comes to office look, remember that shining and bold coloured dresses are not appropriate. Trendy dresses are not always a good look for the office. So, have a different set of clothes in your wardrobe for office wear.


  1. Stained or ripped clothes

If your dress is stained or ripped get it repaired before you consider wearing it again. If there is any stain or a button has come off, then do what is needed to make it wearable. Ripped and tattered dress doesn’t look good on anyone.


So, the next time you plan to make a public presence, take care of your looks and the way you dress. Then you will avoid making such fashion blunders.


Guest bio for blog
This is a guest post from Arina Thoggy. She is a part-time Blogger and a full-time horse rider who writes for Land of Deals as a part-time job. She likes to talk about women fashion tips and ideas. 



Over to you…

Are you guilty of making any of these fashion blunders? Please share your thoughts in the comment  box below.


About Arina Thoggy

Arina Thoggy is a part-time Blogger and a full-time horse rider who writes for Land of Deals as a part-time job. She likes to talk about women fashion tips and ideas.


  1. Thanks for sharing this post about the 8 fashion blunders to avoid.
    This post was very well described and make me very easy to understand. This awesome post inspired me lot in my work, because recently i have join my new office in IT sector and this post is very useful to me.
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    • I’m happy to know this post is useful for you. It’s got some good fashion tips. Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

      June June


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