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7 Ways to Develop Self Confidence in Your Child

7 Ways to Develop Self Confidence in Your Child

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Did you know that it’s never too early to develop self-confidence in your child? Babies who are nurtured and cared for feel secure and loved. Therefore, positive self-worth starts being developed from that stage. On the other hand, high-demand babies who are neglected will become confused. Consequently, they’ll feel neglected which in turn will affect their self-confidence.

Self-worth is in the same category as self-confidence. If your child has poor self-worth it will reflect  in their behaviour at nursery and school.  There’s also a danger of that negative feeling continuing till they’re adults, unless it’s addressed. Poor self-worth will manifest as behaviour problems, an inability to relate positively to others and even issues connecting with their partners in marriage.

You can help your child to develop self-confidence by following the advice below:

1.  Make playing with your child a daily activity

Did you know that you can learn a lot from your child by playing with them? It also improves their behaviour and makes them feel valued. Playtime should be a regular activity or normal part of you and your child’s day-to-day activities. Look at it as a valuable investment in their future. It’s more meaningful when you let them choose the games during playtime instead of you setting down the rules of what they should do. They’ll be more focused, learn more and their self-worth will be increased.

The National Center for Infants stress the importance of play by stating that, “Play is how children learn about themselves, other people, and the world around them. Through play, children also learn how to solve problems and develop confidence.”

Playing with your child is a good way for you to bond. Furthermore, it helps you to unwind and relax after a hard day’s work.

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