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12 Signs to Reveal if Your Man is Cheating

12 Signs to Reveal if Your Man is Cheating

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How would you know if your man is cheating on you? You might see the signs but don’t take notice of what’s really going on.

Have you ever had a gut feeling that something is wrong? Follow your instincts because it’s there to guide you. And it’s usually right.

These are some of the clues that your man is cheating on you.


#1.  When he says he’s going to his friend’s house late at night to play pool. Is he really?       

He insists that he has to play or he will let his friend down. It doesn’t matter what you say, he’s determined to go. The question is why can’t the pool game wait till the next day?


#2.  When he develops unusual affection for you overnight.

He’s not normally the type who likes hugs and kisses. He describes himself as a macho man. But suddenly he’s all lovey-dovey, soft and affectionate.


#3.  When he comes home wearing a new woman’s fragrance which is not from your household.

You know that perfume smell on him is not from your collection. But he swears it’s the latest one he bought for you as a surprise gift.


#4.  When he comes home and gets aggressive because you ask him about his day.

He over reacts when you ask him how his day went. He gets angry and tells you that you should get off his back. And complains that he just had a long and stressful day. He claims he needs his space to breathe or some ‘me’ time.


#5.  When he’s too over protective of his phone.

When he’s in the shower and his phone rings he insists that you shouldn’t answer it. He doesn’t leave his phone lying around. And even sleeps with it under his pillow so you can’t have access to it.


#6.  When you call him and he doesn’t answer his phone but text you back instead.

Instead of answering, he text you to tell you that he can’t talk now as he’s busy doing something. And he’ll call you back when he finishes. But that call never comes! When he gets home his excuse was that he forgot as he was busy.


#7.  When he gets suspicious about the person you are talking to.

Every time you get a call he gets suspicious and asks who is calling you. He accuses you of speaking to other men. He doesn’t allow you to explain. He jumps to conclusion and tells you he doesn’t trust you. 


#8.  When he comes home wearing a different set of clothes.

When he left for work in the morning he was wearing a white shirt. But he comes home in a blue shirt. His excuse was that he had an accident and had to buy a new shirt on the way home.


#9.  When he says he’s working late with a colleague.

He always says he’s working late on a project. But he always smells of alcohol and ladies perfume when he gets home.


#10.  When he calls you another woman’s name in his bed.

Night after night in his sleep, he calls out another woman’s name. When you face him in the morning he denies it and tells you you’re imagining things. So why does he constantly do it?


#11. When he’s always late for appearances.

He arranges to meet you for lunch but turns up late. One of his excuses is that he lost track of time. The other one is that he had to run errands for his boss.


#12.  When he’s too tired to make love consistently.

Most nights he complains that he’s too tired to make love. He said he doesn’t have the energy or the time. He claims he has to wake up early in the morning. He rolls over and goes to sleep.

What do you do when you find out that you’ve been cheated on?

This is a delicate situation that could destroy a relationship. Do you confront your spouse, ignore it or pack up and leave?

  • Before you face him make sure you’ve got proof. And not just jealous suspicions.
  • Ignoring the situation won’t make it go away. It could lead to a melt-down, abuse or even separation. It’s best to seek professional help such as a marriage guidance counsellor, relationship coaching or couple counselling.
  • If you decide to pack up and leave, make sure it’s the right decision. If there are children involved, they will be affected by the separation.

Cheating is usually caused by a number of reasons.  

It could be because:

  •  There’s no spark in the relationship anymore. That’s why it important to be spontaneous and creative to keep your relationship alive.
  •  There’s lack of trust. When there isn’t enough trust the relationship doesn’t function properly.
  •   There’s always friction and lots of accusations. That can sometimes drive your man to cheat.
  •  When there’s not enough romance he tends to search elsewhere for fulfilment and  excitement.
  •  When there are constant arguments, if left unresolved it could lead to friction in the relationship.  Worse still, your man might run into the arms of another woman to look for comfort.

Dealing with a cheating spouse is not so clear-cut. Don’t throw blame around. Sit down together and discuss what caused him to cheat on you.

Accept his apology if he apologises. And decide if you can forgive and forget. The next step is to seek professional help. Build the broken trust between you. If you still love each other, it’s worth saving your relationship.

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Has your spouse ever cheated on you? How did you deal with it?






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  1. I do agree on the tips you have shared. I remember my Ex husband before we get separated, he doesn’t want his phone to be touched.
    TracyAnn0312 recently posted..לייטמןMy Profile



    • My ex husband used to turn off his mobile when he was out. Also, he used to come home smelling of another woman’s perfume.

      A male friend gave me some of the tips in this articles. He told me that those were some of the things his friends did when they cheated on their partners.

      junie junie


      • It seems that we are the same. I never caught my Ex to smell the perfume of a woman but he is always out of his mind when I call him.
        TracyAnn0312 recently posted..מיכאל לייטמןMy Profile



        • It’s a shame that some men can’t be trusted. 🙂

          junie junie


        • You are right Junie but it is also shame to some girls to become stupid.
          TracyAnn0312 recently posted..סכיני שףMy Profile



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