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10 Reasons Why it’s Great to be Single

10 Reasons Why it’s Great to be Single

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I’ve got an extra special treat for you this Friday. Jax from Raviolis & Waterworks has kindly accepted my invitation to write the first guest post for my blog.
You must pop over to visit Jax’s website. It’s awesome!

Jax has written a fantastic list about the joys of being a single lady. I loved reading it and I hope you will too.


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Too often do I hear girls talk about “needing a man” or “craving some love”.

It’s as if their life is put on hold when they are in between relationships.

Does no one else think that dating is fun?  Hello new opportunities!

I have been single for almost a year now.

I can now safely say that I know what it’s like to be on both sides of the fence.

…I’ll take the fifth on which side of the fence I like better.  I depend on my mood swings…

While being single or being committed both has downsides, there certainly are perks to each.


This post is dedicated to all the lovely people out there with a frown on their face because of their status.

Chin up, ladies!  Enjoy being single while you still are!!!


10 Reasons Why It’s Great To Be Single.


10.  Dessert

Being single means that you never need to share your dessert.  No sticky fingers reaching into your plate!

Well, unless you have a brother with a sweet tooth.  There’s no getting rid of him…


9.  Independence

Being single requires us to be independent and take care of ourselves.

You don’t belong in a relationship until you are comfortable being out of one.


8.  Bed

Being single means that you’ll be sleeping alone.

Go ahead and take all the covers, wear a funky facial mask, and snore as loud as you please!


7.  Celine Dion

Blast Your Heart Will Go On while singing into a cucumber.

It’s totally ok now.  No one will hear you and there are no man cards at risk!!


6.  Friend/Family Time

Being single means just that much extra friend and family time.

…and lucky them gets that much more of you!!


5.  Finances

Being single means spending that extra cash on you instead of spoiling your man!

Extra money for a massage or to get your nails did?  Um, yes please!!


4.  Flirt

Being single means that you’re allowed to get your flirt on and not feel bad about it.

Come on ladies, you know you love to flirt!  It’s fun and makes us feel good to use our lady powers.


3.  No Mess

Being single means no messy man to clean up after.

The only person wrecking your home is you, which is a totally ok person to pick up after!


2.  Freedom

Being single means that you get to go, come, and do as you please. 

Who doesn’t love being in control of their own lives?  Be spontaneous and try it!


1.  Opportunities

Being single opens billion new doors of opportunity.  Open as many as you can and enjoy the ride!

New experiences and meeting new people is one of the best parts of being single!


What are your favourite parts of being single?


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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my guest post!! It’s been so much fun collaborating with you and I hope to continue to do it in the future. I hope that you have a lovely weekend!



    • You’re welcome Jax. Please feel free to reply to comments from your readers. All you have to do is to click on reply under their comments and leave your own comments. We’ll definitely keep collaborating in the future. Have a great weekend.

      junie junie


  2. Celine Dion???? Pfffft no wonder you are single playing that trash over and over again hahahaha

    Agreed on the opportunities though, plenty of more freedom in a way, but then all can be flipped around I suppose for the opposite side of things.

    Pat Hatt


    • Celine Dion is great!! But I suppose being a man you wouldn’t appreciate that sort of music 🙂

      Yea, single men can have fun as well. Most of the things in Jax’s list can apply to them too. I don’t know about the funky facial masks and nail painting though!! lol… Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

      junie junie


      • Oh, Pat would definitely appreciate the facial masks. Just rub avocado all over your face anad stick some warm tea bags on your eye lids. Full out heaven 😉 lol



        • Just what the doctor ordered 🙂 After Pat’s facial mask, he’ll be ready to take on the weekend… lol

          junie junie


  3. Keep on updating your site! You have so much available and interesting information! I didn?t even notice how the day passed while reading it! Have a great time! Thank you!

    In Susies Shoes


    • You’re welcome. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’m glad you found my blog useful. 🙂

      junie junie


  4. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing knowledge with all of us. I’m waiting for some updates.

    Tamara Emilia


    • I enjoy sharing and that’s one reason why I started this blog. Glad you enjoyed the article. 🙂

      junie junie


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